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“Piante e Animali Perduti” is the most important show about biodiversity, where visitors fond of gardening, flowers, fruit cultivation and seeds have the opportunity to find many rarities of plants and flowers.

For those who love regional specialities, the fair hosts the best producers of food and wine. Here, visitors can see, taste and buy regional products coming from all over Italy, rare varieties of cheeses, flours, rice, organic produce and ancient specialities.

This festival is also an important occasion for talks about various topics such as: biodiversity, different varietis of pumpkins, grapes or seeds, in order to be informed about the composition of an alternative vegetable garden. Moreover, the manifestation gives space to didactic expositions and ateliers.

Visitors can see rare breeds of farm animals, chickens, geese, turkeys and pigs, cows, rabbits and sheeps. You can see and get in touch with them in an atmosphere of bucolic wonder. No TV, YouTube or Social Networks are needed to enjoy what this festival is about: a real and direct contact with nature. Children are always amazed to see and enjoy a true contact with animals, in fact, this is their favourite part of the festival.

“Piante e Animali Perduti” goes beyond food and nature: here, visitors can find traditional handcraft, natural fabrics, country and vintage objects. This festival means plunging into nature. The colours of flowers, the magnificent historical heritage of Guastalla and the parfumes of typical food will stir your senses and will create a fascinating atmoshpere.

This manifestation takes place every year on the last weekend of Semptember (on Saturday and Sunday). Activities are planned for both days.



Here is what you have to know to enjoy the Festival.


4€ to pay at the cashiers located in all points of access to the city centre

Online payment is not provided

Free entrance for: children under 12 years of age; guests with disabilities and their companion; Guastalla residents; military staff and law enforcement officers.

Promotion: free admission, click here to discover how (*)

Your arrival

For those who want to enjoy the festival in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity we recommend arriving here on Saturday morning. Indeed, on that moment exhibitors are still preparing their stands, and visitors can see every latest produce. Generally, the whole Saturday is a perfect day to have a total experience among all the exhibitors, which are about 500.

On Saturday, the festival becomes more busy and it is common to come across some overcrowded areas. However, the exhibition itinerary is wide (3 km long for those who want to explore it all) and it is designed to make every visitor have an enjoyable experience of the whole manifestation.

How to get here by train

Guastalla railway station is a train stop along two railway lines: one links Parma to Suzzara and the other leads towards Reggio Emilia. The train station is located in the city centre and it is just 100 meters away from one of the entrances to “Piante e Animali Perduti”. Visitors may also park their car near one of Guastalla’s train stops (e.g. Tagliata and San Giacomo) and get to the city center by train avoiding the traffic jam. Check train schedules (Parma-Suzzara Railwayand Guastalla-Reggio Emilia).

How to get there by car and where to park

On Sunday, it may not be easy to find a car park, especially in the afternoon. Besides the signposted parking areas located along the main streets, visitors can find another and wide car park beyond the city’s embankments, following “Viale Po”: it can contain hundreds of cars. The admission costs 2€ and it is managed by the local Civil Protection, “I ragazzi del Po”. Its great advantage is that it is only 100 meters away from the Northern entrance of “Piante e Animali Perduti”.

Plants drop off

Young members of Guastalla scout group AGESCI provide with the transport service of plants, flowers or heavy stuff from the stands directly to your car! You will find your purchases at the pick up point along “Ugo Foscolo” street and near the wide parking in “Viale Po”. Here, the young scouts will drop off your bulky purchases and you will be able to pick them up before the closing of the service (you will be told when) in order to enjoy the rest of your visit without carrying heavy bags.

AGESCI members are always carrying their cart back and forth the nursery area, so you will be able to ask them anytime for the “plant drop off”. The service is free.


All along “Piante e Animali Perduti” you will find chemical toilets, whose usage is for free. Inside the Ducal Palace, the use of toilets costs 0,50€ and they are cleaned, sanitized throughout the duration of the festival.

Info Point

To one side of the entrace of the Tourist Information Office, on the main street (Strada Gonzaga), visitors can find the Info Point. Here, you can ask for general information and for the disposition or arrangement of stands in the manifestations.

Tourist Information Office

The Office provides with information about city tours, points of interests, monuments and places to visit even beyond the city centre. Moreover, the staff will be pleased to guide you through the first floor of the Ducal Palace.

Telephone number: +39 0522 839763

Guests with disabilities

Guests with disabilities who want to visit the first floor of the Ducal Palace can ask the Info Point staff to be accompanied up to the private elevator.

Complimentary paper bags for exhibitors and complimentary map of the event for visitors


Page translation by Giorgia Becchi